About Us

The Fifty Plus in Nutrition and Dietetics (FPIND) MIG focuses on programming, education, and networking targeted at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members that are age 50 years plus.

FPIND provides education and networking opportunities for all members that focuses on key trends in social media, resources for career changers, and more.

Network with Member Interest Groups (MIGs)
MIGs have the opportunity to engage in networking with organizations related to their areas of interest.
Member Benefits
  • Opportunity for Continuing Professional Education
  • Sense of Community and Connectedness
  • Online Discussions, Member Recognition and Information Sharing
  • Networking at FNCE® Events
  • Travel Club 
  • Scholarships for Professional Development
  • Academy Updates
  • Member Directory
Latest News
  • Oct. 20-23, 2018 FNCE Washington DC